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      German to English translations –
      take your message global

      Translation is much more than swapping out one word for another. It’s about making sure your message comes across in a new language as well as it did in the original.

      English is the international language. Whether you’re ready to take your business global or just want to reach the international community in Germany, I can help. I’ll translate your German into fluid, easy-to-read English that will let you connect with your English-speaking customers in their own language.

      Or maybe you’re wondering whether you need to adapt the tone, style, or message of your marketing materials for your new target market? As an experienced copywriter, I’ll be happy to review your text and help you adapt it as needed.

      In marketing, culture can be just as important as language—a word-for-word German to English translation just won’t do. What you need is an experienced wordsmith who can translate your marketing materials with creativity and panache. And yep—that’s me.


      I’ve lived and worked professionally in Germany for almost 15 years. In that time I’ve not only learned to live, think, and dream in German—I’ve also gotten some credentials to prove it.

      • Diploma in Translation (with honors) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists
      • Certificate in Professional Translation, Words Language Services
      • Certificate in Editing from Poynter News University and the American Copy Editor’s Association
      • Two years as team lead in the localization department at Aeria Games in Berlin

      And, because I know that it takes more than just a certificate to guarantee high-quality work, I have strict quality guidelines in place. I use multiple quality assurance tools and a highly qualified proofreader to make sure that your final text is absolutely polished and ready for publication.

      Areas of expertise

      Marketing translations for small business and entrepreneurs

      I help businesses and entrepreneurs share their passion with the world. You’ve found just the right words to communicate your business’ mission in German. Now I’ll help you take your message international with a spot-on German to English translation.


      I worked for 15 years in the analog and digital photography industries, both in the US and Germany. I’ve translated a product catalog containing nearly 2000 specialized analog photography products, and I can wax poetic about darkroom development or film grain, Photoshop or Lightroom… in both languages.


      From the time I got my first plastic cooking set at the age of three, I’ve been obsessed with all things culinary. I read recipes for fun, ran a food blog for several years, and love finding the perfect way to describe a step in a recipe. And I don’t just love writing about food—I love translating about it too. One of my culinary translations is published in the book Spice Health Heroes by Natasha MacAller.


      I worked as localization team lead for two years at Aeria Games in Berlin, where I translated and edited a huge variety of in-game text and marketing materials. My team and I worked on everything from massive fantasy MMOs to football apps and “match 3” games. This means that I not only understand the linguistic side of game localization, but all the technical intricacies as well.

      Gender Studies / Social Sciences

      I majored in Gender Studies at the University of Southern California. Since then, I’ve stayed up-to-date on the latest developments and discussions in the field.