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      Kristal Fellinger

      Creative German-to-English marketing translations & copywriting

      Kristal Fellinger

      Professional German-to-English marketing translations & copywriting

      Kristal Fellinger

      Copywriting and Marketing Translations: Wordsmith, at your service

      I help businesses and entrepreneurs find just the right words to turn their English-speaking prospects into customers.

      Do you need copy for your website? Fresh, strategic content marketing? A perfectly polished translation of your German marketing materials? Let’s make it happen.

      We’ll work together closely to make sure I really understand your target market and brand before I start working. Whether I’m translating or writing entirely new content for you, I take the time to understand your needs, your customers, and your goals. It’s first-class treatment for you and your text.

      Writing & translation:


      Blog Articles

      Fresh, relevant blog content that will help your customers understand – and love – your company.

      Case Studies

      Have customers who are head-over-heels for your product or service? Let’s tell people about it.

      Marketing Translation

      If your company’s language is German and you’d like to reach the English-speaking world, I’m here to help.

      Other Services:

      Content Strategy

      Figure out what your customers really want to know about your company’s products, services, and values.

      Website Re-work

      Are some pages on your website not quite working for you? Let’s rework them so they fit as perfectly as your favorite pair of slippers.


      You do the writing, I’ll do the polishing, fine-tuning, and (digital) massaging.

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      We have been collaborating with Kristal on various copywriting projects over the past few months, and she has proved to be the right choice of partner in many ways. In addition to being reliable and efficient, Kristal has demonstrated an excellent critical mind, which was required for the tasks at hand. She is a quality writer and a pleasant person to work with.

      Thorgal Boudesseul
      Social Media & Content Manager, Altagram GmbH


      We appreciated that the editing and fine-tuning [of our English website] was taken care of so quickly and easily. Aside from that, we were very pleased with the way you really engaged with the themes we address. You could clearly see that in the final text — it came from the heart and it communicated exactly the message that we wanted to communicate.

      Dr. Martina Dopfer
      CEO & founder of mynd:way



      Kristal Fellinger translated my website from German into English. Her translations had panache and were creative as well as accurate. She often chose metaphors that were linguistically different than those in the original text, but which perfectly conveyed the meaning in English. During our work together, she was flexible, patient and open for suggestions, and she was always willing to make one more change to create the perfect end result. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a translator.

      Ute Neumaier
      Freelance translator


      I worked with Kristal Fellinger on a series of articles on AI, digitalization and automation. Her ability to get into these complex subject matters quickly and develop an understanding about how to convey these topics in an understandable way was second to none. Kristal was great to work with. She has a natural sense for what customers want, is great to work with and is, in my experience, one of the few copywriters who are able to consistently deliver great work on complicated subject matters. Definitely hire her!

      Dr. Michael Boeni


      Your business has a mission.
      I’ll help you share it with the world.

      Finding the right words to tell your brand’s story isn’t always easy. But the right word in the right place can be the difference between “Meh.” and “Yes!” Let me help.

      Whether you need a translator to adapt your text from German into English, an experienced writer to craft some spot-on copy for your website, a passionate content marketer to help you amplify your message, or an eagle-eyed editor to carefully polish your copy to perfection, I’m here for you.

      Content and copywriting

      Website copy that grabs your customers’ attention and doesn’t let go. Engaging blog content that people actually want to read. Complex topics explained in terms that real people understand. If your company is ready to change the world, I’m ready to help you spread the word.

      Marketing Translation

      When it comes to your marketing materials, only the best will do — and that’s true of your marketing translations, as well. With my experience in copywriting and my deep personal knowledge of German culture (and marketing language), I’m perfectly poised to make your German text shine in English.


      Sometimes, you need a little professional help to give your writing that final polish.

      I have helped dozens of native and non-native speakers perfect their English-language marketing, website, and video game texts. If you need a text revised, edited, reworked — whatever you want to call it — then let’s talk.