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      Are you ready to expand your business to the English-speaking market? Then you’ve probably already started thinking about getting your website and marketing assets translated… or have you? 

      For too many businesses, marketing and website translations are an afterthought. And when they do get them done, they hire whichever translation agency offers the best price. That’s a big mistake. Here’s why:

      A consistent brand experience is everything

      If you know anything about marketing, you know how important brand experience is. From the minute customers land on your website, they’re deciding whether you’re a company they want to do business with. 

      Your website and copywriting probably went through rounds of revisions and signoffs before the go-live. Your company newsletters are carefully crafted. You put care into every customer interaction. 

      But when it comes time to reach your customers in a new language, you might think that any translation will do the job. Not Google Translate, of course — we all know that’s sure to backfire. But as long as it’s a “human translation”, things should be fine, right?

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but… no.

      Why great translations are key to a great brand experience — and how to get them

      Language is at the heart of customer experience

      Think about all the fine nuances that go into your marketing language. You probably have a brand style guide that’s at least a couple of pages long, right? The way you write your website, your newsletters, your white papers, and your brochures all affect the way your customers perceive your brand. 

      It’s exactly the same for your customers in a foreign country. They’re noticing every detail. The writing style and nuance matter here, too.

      You want to give your new customers the same premium experience your existing customers enjoy. But that won’t happen if your marketing materials are poorly translated. 

      Mediocre translations create a mediocre brand experience

      The basic standard for most translations is “accuracy”. But “accurate” isn’t enough for translations of websites and marketing assets. 

      To do their job, these kinds of translations need to create a good impression. You need to be asking yourself: “Does this translation bring our brand voice across in the new language? Will it appeal to our new target group?”  

      If a marketing asset sounds stilted and awkward, it won’t create that sense of trust —and it might even do the opposite. Whether it’s awkward phrasing, grammatical errors, or cultural insensitivity, bad translations will make your brand look… bad.

      How to create a superb impression with your multilingual marketing campaign

      Just like you wouldn’t wear an off-the-rack blazer from H&M to interview for a C-Suite position, you don’t want to put a mass-produced translation up on your company’s website. You need style, tailoring, and finesse to make a good first impression — and that applies to translations as much as it does to your wardrobe. 

      If your company positions itself as a premium brand, you need to create a premium customer experience — in every language. That means working with a translation provider who can give you premium service. 

      Why great translations are key to a great brand experience — and how to get them

      What goes in to creating a premium translation

      To get a premium translation that will win over your customers, you need to work with a translation provider who will let you review the translation, accept your feedback, and discuss the finer points with you. But that’s time-consuming, and not something that most translation agencies can offer.

      I work differently. I see marketing translation as a collaborative process. Because, while I might be the language expert, you’re the expert for your brand. Your feedback is not only valued — it’s an essential tool in the process of recreating your brand image and voice in a new language. 

      If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with someone who takes the time to really understand you and your brand, let’s talk. I’d love to help you shine.

      Why great translations are key to a great brand experience — and how to get them

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